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Love to fill the foriegn air around you with the aroma of Indian Culture? Gear up to spot the most interesting Indian products across your city right from where you are. Because, we are bringing in a centralized list of Indian Supermarkets near you. Mapping every grocery store and Indian supermarket that could have missed your attention is now on the list for you to cherish the most out of the Indian produce.

Forget the days when you get one Indian product effortlessly but must go on a hunt for another product across the city. Tough days right? From such a vivid experience has emerged our notion of serving you with the best and detailed information on Indian supermarkets.

The fascinating connection between Indian Ancestors and today's Indian Supermarkets

It has always been a wondrous wringer on why people from any country get deeply connected to the Indian culture. Some speculate on spiritual reasons and some on traditional affinities. Whatever be the reason, the love for Indian culture roots back to the country’s early ancestral origins. The uplifting sense of the land and her practices have left their traces in everything that is produced in the country. The taste, aroma and every other feel connects even the ones who have never touched the grounds of India. This makes it super-obvious to feel the substantial elements of Indian culture in anything wrapped in a shelf of an Indian supermarket.

What can you find in an Indian Supermarket?

Whether you’ve been to an Indian supermarket or not, there are some cool items you might have to check out in there to experience nostalgia and explore an epiphany of the land’s ancient culture. Here we list a few common items that can be found in an Indian supermarket!


Cereal & Oatmeal, Canned soups, Nuts, Dried fruits, Mushrooms, Beans, Corn, Potatoes, Tomato sauce, Peanut Butter.


Raw rice, Long grain Basmati rice, Biryani Rice, Red Matta rice, Parboiled rice, Short grain Sona masuri rice, Gobindo Bhog rice/ Seeraga Samba rice, Mappillai Samba Rice, Unroasted Rava, Bansi Rava

Sweets and Confectionery:

Gulab jamun, Rasgulla, Rasmalai, Besan Burfi, Ladoo, Boondi, Soan Papdi, Kesar Angoori Petha, Kaju Chikki, Peanut chikki, Dry Fruits chikki, Milk Cake, Agra Gur Gajjak, Pistachio Kernels, Sugar coated fennel seeds, Dried Plums.


Wheat Flour, Maida, Besan/Chickpeas flour, Millet Flour, Maize/Makki Flour, Ragi Flour, Moong dal Flour, Gram Flour, Gluten free Atta, Chana Flour, Soya Flour, Ragi Whole, Flax seed, Foxtail Millet, Bajra Millet, Bajri Atta, Sorghum Millet, barley Rice, Proso Millet, Kodo Millet.

Festive special:

Brass Diya, Pooja Kit, Lanterns, Dandiya Sticks, Pooja Incense sticks, Sacred Cotton Thread, Swastika stickers, Rangoli Stickers.

Ready to cook mix:

Energy drink mix, Puttu Powder, Dal Locho mix, Handvo mix, Rice idli mix, Vada mix, Dosa mix, Dahi Bara Mix, Uttappam mix, Appalam, Upma Rava, Khaman Dhokla, Rava Dosa Mix, Paneer Tikka Masala mix, Sambar Mix, Puliyogare mix, Mutter Paneer Mix, Gajar Halwa Mix, Pakora Mix, Jilebi Mix

Dairy/ Non-Dairy Products:

Organic cow milk, Oats milk, Almond milk, Soya milk, Coconut milk, Cheese, Paneer, Milk cream


Bengal gram Dal, Yellow Moong dal/ Dhuli moong, Chickpeas/ Garbanzo Beans/ Kabuli Chana, brown Chickpeas, Whole Pink Lentils/ Sabut masoor Daal, Split region peas Dal, Green gram Dal/ Mung dal, Whole Black gram Dal/ Urad dal, Kidney beans/ Rajma, Lobia, Split Moong Dal/ Moong Chilka, Split Urad Dal/ Urad Chilka.

Teas and Drinks

Coffee, Milk Powder/ Dairy whitener, Green tea, Jaggery


Mustard oil,Peanut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Ghee, Butter.


Turmeric Powder, Cumin Seeds, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Coriander Seeds, Tamarind, Carom seeds, Mustard Seeds, Dry ginger, Fenugreek seeds, Peppercorns, Black peppercorns, Red Chillies Powder, Kashmiri Red Chilli, Ground black pepper, Cloves, Bay leaves, Whole dried red chilli, Nutmeg, Vinegar, Asafoetida, Sesame seeds.

Pickles | Sauces

Tomato Sauce, Soy Sauce, Tamarind Sauce, Ginger garlic paste, Mango Pickle, Chilli Pickle, Turmeric Pickle, Carrot Pickle, Garlic Pickle, Sweet Lime Pickle, Mixed Fruit Jam, Apricot jam, Mixed Pickle, Coriander Pickle, Brinjal Pickle, Drumstick Pickle, Amla Pickle, Cut Mango Pickle, Bitter Gourd Pickle, Tikka Masala Paste, Tandoori Marinade Paste, Indian Curry Paste, Bisi Bele Bath Masala, Vangibath Powder, Curd Chillies.

Self Care

Shampoo, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Chawanprash, Hand wash, Herbal toothpaste, Hair color, Hair mask, Face wash, Night cream, Soaps, Amla Powder, Tulsi Powder, Henna, Baby Oil, Baby shampoo and oil.

Globalisation of Indian products

India is one of the topmost ranking countries in net retail sales in terms of groceries and other essentials. With the retail market expansion, several active sellers from India are focusing on taking their products to the Global platform.

Made-in-India Products

With the aim of uplifting the Indian economy, the Government of India has been focusing on several schemes and trade ideas based on its international business model. One such brilliant idea is the ‘Made in India’ movement that focuses on upbringing Indian market as a grand resource of products manufactured and produced in India. This movement is a booster for most Indian supermarkets abroad to increase their sales products while attracting Indian and non-Indian customers towards their business. On the other hand, this provides an opportunity to enhance the export of Indian products across the Globe.

Which is the nearest Indian supermarket to your location ?

With numerous supermarkets emerging to serve you with the best of Indian products, the challenge lies in finding the ones that can provide your necessities at one shopping instant as well as from the nearest location. To help you find such supermarkets, we aim to list down all the details of Indian supermarkets near you. We gather most of the information that could bring your shopping experience at an Indian supermarket to ease. So, why wait while you could check out your complete grocery list? Explore, Shop and Discover your love for Indian products in style!

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